By | May 2, 2017

Are you going to be traveling to Dallas TX in the near future? Is this a place that you have been before? If you haven’t been there, you may want to consider going there in order to see some very special locations. Let’s talk about a few of these places that you can go, and why you might want to visit at this particular time of the year. Dallas is an incredible place, one that you will certainly enjoy. Here is what you need to know about visiting Dallas during the fall.

Zero Gravity Amusement Park

This amusement park is exceptional for several different reasons. First of all, it has extreme rights and it also has bungee jumping. It has been operating since the turn of the millennia, and you certainly want to visit there if you are traveling with family and friends. There are several different attractions including Texas Blastoff which is like a rocket that can go up to 70 mph. There’s also a ride where you can fall 16 stories, and also hit 4 G’s on another ride. Once you have done this several times, you will get addicted to how incredibly fun this is.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial

Of all of the places that you can visit, the JFK Memorial is the place you should go. It’s not just about paying respects to the president that was actually the most popular and history, but it’s all about the legend. There are so many conspiracy theories associated with what happened. There is the theory about the magic bullet which was able to change direction several times. You will get to learn more about this amazing president that was only there for a short period of time, but did so much while he was in office.

If you haven’t been to Dallas before, definitely plan a trip. These are two places that you will really enjoy at this time of the year. It also allows you to get out, and see a lot of the city, perhaps taking a tour. You will get to learn all about the buildings, and how the city was developed, which can be very interesting. If you have not been to Dallas before, it is so important to plan your trip in advance so you can get the best discounts on the tickets for not only of the attractions, but also your airfare if you are flying in.